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First, all of our podcast episodes are now online. You can also note follow us on Twitter: and like us on Facebook: Check out the player in the corner of the front page, or head to to hear ALL of our content (over 19 hours worth). And we can now be heard […]

Welcome to the second half … Warrior Within.

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It’s hard to believe that 2014 is already half-over, but that’s how things work when you’re having fun … and even when you’re not.

Whatever – July 1st, 2014 – Lowered Expectations

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Did people expect too much of Watch_Dogs? Justin and I discuss that and more on the latest edition of Whatever. Listen above!

Happy Memorial Day! Have a burger, and a new Whatever!

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This week’s episode of Whatever has us dicussing Wolfenstein: The New Order, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the controversy over Watch_Dogs’ final build not matching its 2012 reveal. Listen above!

Whatever for 5-18-14 is packed with content!

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Justin and I discuss the Google buyout of Twitch, a movie called “Stitches,” an issue with Titanfall, and another movie called “The Mummy Resurrected!” Listen now, won’t you?

Check out the newest Whatever in one of two ways!

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Now there are two ways to listen! Our latest episode of Whatever is available on both SoundCloud and YouTube, so now you have no excuse to miss it!

Tomb Raider Comparison

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I got bored, and decided to put my ElGato to use.

New Whatever (4/27/14) available now!

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Check out the newest episode of Whatever featuring myself and Adam in the player above. Also, if you get a chance, click the like button and give us some support on SoundCloud. It’d be much appreciated.

New Podcast player!

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Check out the podcast player above! Right now you can listen to the show Adam (filling in for Justin) and I did in early April as a placeholder, but there will be a new episode each week, so check back, or just subscribe to my feed by clicking the feed link to the right! (It’s […]

Fu– this sh–

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I understand the thinking behind — and, to a degree the need for — censorship.